Your boutique Photo, Film Production Studio and Gallery

1250 ft.² of studio space on Capital Hill with the latest profoto equipment.  for film/tv, great acoustics, multiple background options.

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subscribe as a StudiowerksDC Photo Member

  • You subscribe to a monthly package of hours (minimum four months), the bigger the package the cheaper it gets right down to $35 per hour.  Our RATES are here.   Please read the RULES and the FAQ.
  • Make your own bookings on the calendar, let yourself in using your unique PIN on the door’s keypad.
  • No fees, charges or add-on costs, all equipment is included.
  • If you go over your package hours just keep shooting and you will be charged at the end of the month for the extra hours at the rate associated with your package.  We'll send you an invoice via Paypal.
  • TWO FREE HOURS for Photo Members when you buy your initial membership package to play before your first shoot


Nate Tyler Photography

Nate Tyler Photography

Photo non-members: book a half or full day shoot

For visiting photographers there is a half and full day rate.  Email us to book with the times and date you want!  Our RATES are here, have a look at the CALENDAR here for availability.




Film and Television



415B Walker Ct SE, Washington, D.C. 
(11 blocks from the Capitol, 13 min from Airport (DCA), 10 min from Union Stn, 3 blocks Eastern Mkt Metro)

Google virtual 'See Inside' the studio!

**The courtyard has been repaved in lovely red brick and no longer looks like Gaza!

The studio is 1250 ft.².  34' x 37', 10' high ceilings.