DP: Ben Martin, ITN

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TV/Film/Video Production

  • With a 34' x 37' 1258 ft.² space and 10' ceilings StudiowerksDC is a flexible space to shoot. 

  • Supplied backgrounds/props mean you can shoot multiple looks in the space. No need to change locations wasting time and money.

  • Our clients include CBS 60 Minutes, CBS 48 Hours, Pulse Films, PBS Frontline, BBC News, ITN and Red Rock Films to name a few.

The RATES are here, check the CALENDAR for availability then shoot us an EMAIL.


  • 11 blocks from the U.S. Capitol

  • 10 minutes from Union Station

  • 14 minutes from National Airport

  • Three blocks from Starbucks, Trader Joes and restaurants.

  • Don't forget the back yard to shoot in or relax between takes.

Parking etc

  • PARKING: Two crew vehicles can be parked right in front of the building. Another to vehicles on the side of the building.

  • POWER: 6x 20A circuits



  • 4x Kino Flo Diva 400 banks with Ushio LED 5500k (96CRI) lamps

  • 1x Litepanels 1x1 5600k Bi-focus

  • 3x Came-TV Boltzen 60W Bi-Color LED Fresnels

  • Grip equipment (See The GEAR page)


  • The studio is in a courtyard so it's very quiet*.  Unless an emergency vehicle goes down 11th or 12th street it's dead quiet with aircraft rarely flying over.

  • Sonex 2” acoustic panels on walls/ceiling

  • Silent hydronic heating

  • Air-conditioning 27db, almost silent. (30db is considered whisper level)


  • Our unique background system of 12'w x 10' photorealistic backdrops HERE

  • Seamless 9’ wide Black/Gray/White

  • Book shelves on wheels, side tables, lamps, tchotchkes.


  • 20’ x 9’ green screen cloth and stands

  • 9’ wide green screen seamless paper


Frame graBs from previous shoots


Google Street View inside the studio - Grab image to walk around.

1250 ft.² of space - 34' x 37' - 10' high ceilings

*We do not control the streets around us or the air above for noise. Normally the studio is super quiet, but we do not guarantee silence in the middle of a city, only a recording studio or motion picture sound stage can guarantee silence.