Photo:  Julian Ali

The Rules and all that..


We wish there were none, we really do!  But StudiowerksDC keeps it's rates down and having fabulous gear by being a self-operated studio (for non-Members we will have someone there or a prior orientation).  If we had to have a full-time studio manager, then it would be a lot more expensive.  Our ethos is that our members are all pros and that we should look after the studio together.

This is the basics, the TERMS AND CONDITIONS have all the legalese.

Two vehicles can park in front of the studio only, there is plenty of street parking all around us.  DO NOT allow clients/crew to park around the residential courtyard, they will be ticketed and towed.  Annoying our neighbors could mean we get shut down as we're in a residential area, so we are super-strict regarding this.

The policies are designed so time is not wasted by people cancelling last minute thus blocking out others from working in the studio.  We also want to be flexible as we know stuff happens.  Many photographers charge a re-booking fee to clients, we suggest you do this to stop them being flaky!

You must cancel or change the start time 24 hours before the booking or you will lose the hours booked.

You can extend the booking at any time if there is no one booked after you, but you cannot change the start time or make it shorter.  It may be a good idea to explain this to your models/subject/clients. 

The last day you can change a Fri-Sun booking or shorten the booking time is the Tuesday before.  Friday/Weekends are precious, everyone wants them so please don't mess with these bookings!  Unlike other studios we do not charge more for the moment!

- There is a $100 non-refundable deposit to book the studio (The deposit will be taken off the total shoot amount)
- Cancel 3 or 4 days before you will be charged half the shoot amount.
- Cancel two (2) days before and you will be charged the full shoot amount. (Except for bad weather, read below)
- You cannot change the start time of your shoot within 4 days of the shoot.  You can extend the shoot at any time if there is availability.
- Time includes setup and pack-up returning the studio to it's default setup.
- If you run over your booked time in to someone else's booking and they are delayed outside the studio you will be charged a $500 penalty!!!  Please don't.
- Invoices for all payments will be sent via PayPal, you can pay with credit card, you don't need a PayPal account

If the DC/Fed Gov call it a snow day/bad weather and tell their minions not to come to work then you can cancel without penalty.  This keeps it very simple and easy.


Your booking starts at the time you specified on the calendar.  There is no prior set-up time allowed or pack-up time.  If you arrive early you will be charged for the time (5 minutes is fine of course, just use common sense).  You can extend on-the-fly as long as no one with a booking after you.

**RUNNING OVER IN TO SOMEONE ELSE'S BOOKING WILL RESULT IN BEING CHARGED $500** The photographer that was delayed will get 5 free hours of time to make up for it...basically, don't do it, it's not cool.  If in doubt, book more time to make sure you are packed up and out in time please.

Make sure everything is clean.  The floor, kitchenette, bathroom, etc.  One of your fellow Members is coming in after you.  We will charge you a horrendously large fee for leaving the place messy, and if you continue to leave the place in a mess...well, it won't be good.  If you require a cleaner, it can be arranged for a fee, the cleaning is also part of your booking time.

When you have finished your shoot, it is your responsibility to reset the studio back to its default setup for the next person. The five Profoto heads should all be neatly placed in the corner.

If everything is ready in it's place, then your prep and set-up time will be the same for every shoot.

It happens, we won't be mad, but if you broke something we we need you to pay for it to be repaired.  Please email us immediately so we can get a repair going, it's usually not a big deal.

Please, please make sure you lock-up when you leave!  If you leave the place unlocked and it gets burgled you will be held responsible.

More info in the FAQ page here!