Photo: Paul Wood

Lighting and grip gear

   Adorama is the Official Supplier for all of StudiowerksDC's equipment needs!


The lighting and grip gear is included with every booking!


  • 5x Profoto D1 Air 1000w heads on roller stands
  • Flashpoint 19" Fluorescent 600W 5600K Ring Light (Continuos)


  • 1x Profoto Air Sync - Simple single channel remote
  • Sekonic L308S light meter
  • 1x Profoto Air Remote - Multi-channel, flash and modelling lamp full control remote

(Strobe Only)

  • 1x Profoto 5' Octa RFi Softbox
  • 1x Profoto 3' Octa RFi Softbox with grid
  • 1x Profoto Beauty Dish White
  • 1x Profoto Beauty Dish Silver
  • 1x Profoto 25° grid for Beauty Dish
  • 1x Profoto 3x4' RFi Softbox Rectangular with grid
  • 2x Profoto 1x4' RFi Softbox Strip with grids
  • 3x Profoto Zoom Reflector 2 with grids
  • 1x Profoto Deep Silver Umbrella, XL, 65"
  • 1x Profoto Deep White Umbrella, XL, 65"
  • 2x Profoto Deep Translucent Umbrella, Large, 51"
  • 1x Profoto Deep Parabolic 41" Umbrella, Medium, White
  • 2x Profoto Deep, Medium 41" Silver
  • 2x Profoto Shallow Umbrella, Medium, 41" White
  • 1x Profoto Snoot attachment
  • 1x Westcott 7' Silver Parabolic Umbrella
  • 2x Photoflex MultiDisc Five-In-One Portable Reflector with Gold, Soft Gold, White, Silver & Translucent Fabrics, Large 42"
  • Westcott Omega 360 reflector (think ring light reflector!)
  • 2x V-Flats 8x8, black one side, white the other.

Continuous lighting (Film/TV)

  • 4x Kino Flo Diva 400 banks (3200k+5600k) lamps
  • 1x Litepanels 1x1 5600k Bi-focus
  • 3x Came-TV Boltzen 60W Bi-Color LED Fresnels


  • 50" LCD monitor on rolling stand with 15' HDMI Cable (You may need an adapter to go from your laptop to the male HDMI fitting)
  • SDI to HDMI converter


  • 5x Avenger Baby Roller Stand 114.2"
  • 3x Avenger A4041B Combo Boom stands
  • 6x Manfrotto 1004BAC 144" stands
  • 1x Photoflex reflector holder/stand
  • Half and full Apple Boxes
  • Camera Cart-RocknRoller R10RT Cart w/shelves
  • 4x Matthews 40" C Stands
  • 4x Mini Boom arm for C Stands
  • 4x Hollywood arms/grip heads.
  • 2x Matthews 3"-52" background stand
  • 1x Modelling stand/table
  • Various Matthews flags
  • 2x 12' wide mobile background pole 
  • 4x Kupo Dropdowns


  • 3x 107" seamless paper Autopole with Black, Thunder Gray and White
  • 107" Chroma Key green
  • 20" x 9" Westcott Cloth Chroma Key Green
  • 2x additional seamless poles for setting up extra rolls
  • 10' H x 12' W 'natural brick wall' cloth backdrop (x2 for two camera shoots)
  • 10' H x 12' W 'old library bookshelves' cloth backdrop (x2 for two camera shoots)


  • High Speed WiFi
  • Two professional makeup stations
  • Lounge area with sofa and chairs
  • Kitchenette w/microwave
  • Stereo system to plug in to
  • 1x Jiffy J-4000M Garment Steamer (The big daddy of steamers)


  • 6x Wooden chairs
  • 6x stools with back
  • 20x metal padded folding chairs
  • 3x 6' folding tables
  • Charm!  We are in a fully restored 1890's detached carriage house on Capitol Hill
  • Hidden down a lane in a courtyard it is quiet and discrete
  • Our backyard is perfect to lounge in and grab some sun and maybe even a few shots