Terms & Conditions

We wish we didn't need all this...but well, that's the way it is with life!!  We will do anything to help our clients be successful, but we need you all to follow the guidelines so everyone wins.

Membership Plans

1. For members there is a four-month minimum membership commitment. Membership become month to month after the initial four-month commitment.

2. Membership subscription may be paid by credit card via the member portal.

3. The billing cycle starts at the beginning of the month. If you want to join mid-month we can send you a prorated invoice to be paid by credit card, it just works better this way for organization.

4. Any hours that are included in the membership plans that are not used by the end of the monthly membership term do not roll over to the next month.

Booking Time and Rates - Members and Non-Members

4.1 Your booking should include the time spent setting up, breaking down, and cleaning up. Please include this time in setup (lights, hair, makeup, etc.), breakdown (packing up, etc.), and cleanup (food in trash cans, props returned, etc.) as part of your shoot. If you, or anyone else involved in your shoot, is occupying studio after or before your booking time you will be charged for it.

4.2 If the studio is available, you may enter the studio before your scheduled shoot time. You will be charged for that time in addition to your initially booked time, even if you end early.

4.3 We will make every effort to accommodate shoots that run over booked time. If no one has booked the studio after you, you may extend your time in the studio. You will be charged at the studio rental rate associated with your current membership package or non-member booking rate.

4.4 Studio time is prorated in 30-minute intervals, rounded up.  Minimum time you can book as a member is a 1-hour session.

4.5 If you, as a member, book time for a non-member to shoot at the studio, you must be there for the entire duration of that shoot. If you aren’t there for the entire duration of the shoot, the photographer will be charged for the studio at applicable non-member rates and we will be not happy with you, so please be there.

4.6 If you run over your booked time in to someone else's booking and they are delayed outside the studio you will be charged a $500 penalty. We cannot have photographers, their clients and models stranded outside.  You may also be barred from using the studio again.

5. Delinquent accounts:

5.1. If at anytime a member’s account is delinquent, StudiowerksDC reserve the right to terminate the membership and initiate collections proceeding for the entire amount of the contract and/or any amounts due.

5.2 Nonuse of the facility does NOT constitute a membership cancellation or relieve the member of the responsibility for paying accumulating dues.

6. Termination of Membership:

6.1. Once membership at StudiowerksDC is established, a member’s responsibility for the subscription shall be continued until such time that StudiowerksDC receives an email and payment of any outstanding balance. Until we receive notice of membership cancellation, members remain responsible for all subscriptions.

6.2. If memberships are not paid and there has been no cancellation notice, members will not be able to book time until money owed is paid.

7. StudiowerksDC reserves the right to suspend or revoke memberships for any reason with no refund, including:


7.2 Causing a nuisance to other members

7.3 Mistreatment of StudiowerksDC staff

7.4 Illegal activity including any type of pornography as per DC law (tasteful nudity is allowed)

7.5 Drug/Alcohol abuse

7.6 Destruction/vandalism of StudiowerksDC equipment or facilities

7.7 Violation of any term of this contract

8. We reserve the right to change the rental rates at any time.

9. StudiowerksDC will respond to bookings within 24 hours of submission, but most likely within an hour or two.

10. Bookings are handled first come, first serve basis.

Non-Member Bookings

11. A nonrefundable deposit of $100 is required for all bookings by nonmembers.  The deposit is applied to the balance of the shoot.

12. Payment in full is required on the day before the shoot. Any other fees such going over the booked hours, fees for running into some one else’s shoots or damage will be charged after the shoot.  If full payment is not received before the shoot time and date, the shoot will not be able to proceed and the deposit will be forfeited.  That would be really sad, so please be nice!

12.1 Bookings may be paid with debit/credit cards via PayPal. StudiowerksDC does not accept checks.

Cancellations for Members

13. StudiowerksDC requires at least 24 hours notice prior to the start time of your booking to cancel your reservation midweek. You can cancel bookings on the member portal. Less than 24 hours means you lose the hours you booked.  On weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun) you must cancel on the Tuesday before, if you cancel after this you will lose your booked hours.  If someone books the time you cancelled late then you won't be charged.  Weekends are precious and everyone wants time in the studio, so we're a little strict on this one!

Cancellations for Non-Members

14. If you cancel you booking the $100 deposit is not refundable.  Cancel 3 or 4 days before you will be charged half the shoot amount.  Cancel two (2) days before and you will be charged the full shoot amount.

14.1 You cannot change the start time of your shoot within 4 days of the shoot.  You can extend the shoot at any time if there is the space.

15. If you wish to change or extend the time of your booking, send an email to bookings@StudiowerksDC.com with your request. Extending your booking does not constitute a cancellation. We will be happy to change your booking if it can be supported by the studio calendar.   The $100 deposit is transferable as long as the change is 4 says before the booking.  

Cancelling Due To Weather

16. To cancel last minute a a bad weather government shutdown must be declared by the DC or Federal Government including telling their minions not to come to work for that day. 

16.1 If we are unable to open the studio due to weather;  For non-members we will credit your deposit back to your card or apply it to a rescheduled booking, for members you can cancel your hours with no penalty.  


17. If you are recording audio during a video shoot, please be aware that we cannot control the amount of ambient noise outside the studio.

18. Studio Rules

18.1 First time renters will be required to receive a short orientation to the studio and on the equipment and sign a waiver of liability.

18.2 You will be responsible for the cost of replacing or repairing any equipment broken or damaged by you or anyone involved with or attending your shoot.

18.3 StudiowerksDC are in no way responsible for loss or damage to member owned equipment, including cameras, lenses, strobes and diffusers, light stands, props, clothing, etc

18.4 Items left at the studio and not claimed within four weeks become property of StudiowerksDC and will be donated to a charity or disposed of.

18.5 Renters may be charged an additional cleanup fee if the studio is left overly messy and you probably won't be allowed to book again. This is at the staff’s discretion.

18.6 You must leave the studio in a clean and neat condition. The five heads should have a modifier on them when you leave the studio.  This means that each member will know what state the studio is in every time so they know what their setup time will need to be.  You will be charged a penalty fee if the studio is not reset.


19. No firearms can be brought in to the studio.