Chris Langford Photography/Rachel Lane Makeup

The rates

**We do not supply a photographer, we are a commercial studio facility**

Photographer Non-Member BOOKINGS

Check the CALENDAR for availability, then email us with the DATE, START and END time for your shoot.

Non-Members email us to book and pay a $100 non-refundable deposit. We'll send a PayPal invoice you can pay with a credit card, then another invoice a few days before the shoot for the balance.  The shoot must be paid for before it begins for non-members please!

Cancellation policy is here in the RULES.




Additional hours: $100/hr



Half Day additional hours: $95/hr



Full Day additional hours: $70/hr

Film and Television BOOKINGS

Check the CALENDAR for availability, then EMAIL us with DATE, START and END time for your shoot.

For film and television crews you can park two vehicles right in front of the studio for a fast load-in.  We will meet you at the time of your booking, or come and see the studio to get acquainted with it beforehand.  Once you are acquainted with the space, you can book and use the keypad to enter.

*Everything in the studio on THE GEAR page is included*


3 Hours


Additional time

6 Hours


Additional time

12 hours


Additional time

24 hours


Additional time
working too hard!

*A $100-$400 non-refundable deposit is due the day you make your booking.

Photographer Membership/Monthly Subscription

  • Buy a package of hours to use each month (MINIMUM MEMBERSHIP IS 4 MONTHS), make a booking yourself on the member only portal then enter the studio using your unique key code to enter. Easy!

  • The monthly fee includes everything in the studio, no extra charges, none, nada, zip.

  • If you need more hours that month you can just keep shooting for the same hourly rate that's associated with your plan and we will send you an invoice and charge your card at the end of the month.

  • Minimum booking time is 2 hours per session. (EXCEPTION: If it’s a last minute booking with 24hrs of the start time you can book one hour.)

  • Minimum membership is four months, you will be billed on a monthly basis. For example $110/month for the Mini package, not $440 in one go.

  • You can change your package at the end of each month to suit your shooting needs on the member portal.

  • Your monthly hours do not roll over, you must use them by the end of the month.

  • As a bonus, when you first join, we will provide you with TWO FREE HOURS to come and get used to the studio and the equipment.

  • EMAIL US to join!

The Mini

$110 for 2 hours

Additional time $55/hr

*This is a monthly subscription (min. 4 months)


$225 for 5 hours

Additional Time
*This is a monthly subscription (min. 4 months)


Shoot us an EMAIL and tell us what you need. The studio is a great place for a professional gathering or a class with 1,250sq ft of floor space and a cute backyard.   WPOW, ASMP and WHNPA all use the studio for classes and gatherings.  Sorry, no parties or anyting like that as we have expensive photo gear in the studio.